R&D and Production
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Tonwel has a high-quality, comprehensive technologicalR&D team. We can provide competentdigital sound design solution involving electro-acoustic, electronic, software, structure, and industrial UI&UX design. Currently, we contain 45 invention patents, 1 United States patent, 109 utility model patents, 46 appearance patents, 11 software Copyrights and so on.
3D Modeling Design

3D modeling is the creation of 3D objects within simulation software.

The object can be ranged from simple shapes all the way up to complex high-polygon model creation.

Engineers create models to the actual scale and then 3D prints it for verification.

Analogue simulation

For acoustic engineers, COMSOL software is a handy tool.

Through large-scale simulation technology, engineers can bring design concepts to life through simulation,

as a result, all physical phenomena can be perfectly generated on the computer.


Testing the frequency response curve (FRC) of the loudspeaker and sound, ensuring the consistency

of FRC data for all series of products.


NFS(near fieldscanner) developed by KLIPPEL of Germany,

was adopted for test verification. Sound field holography (near field measurement - multipole extension - sound field push) was used to confirm the radiated sound field at any point in the 3D space outside the scanning surface.