Car Audio

With the popularity of intelligent cars, users' understanding of the value of cars has gradually changed from a mere means of travel to a "third living space". Both auto manufacturers and car users have put forward higher requirements and interactive experience for the "audio system (acoustic system)" of automobile intelligent cockpit. To this end, with 22 years of professional audio system technology advantages, Tonwel comprehensivelyadvance automotive audio technology, and developed a complete set of automotive audio system solutions covering "automotive loudspeaker, vehicle power amplifier, AVAS, vehicle tuning technology, acoustic signal processing technology".


For users who have been driving for a long time, car is like a haven, to be more specific, like a second home. Good sound is an important part of driving experience. Today, car audio systems are more important than home audio systems. Besides, the on-board sound system can ensure safe driving and scientific navigation.

Power Amplifier

Power amplifier is an electronic device that increases the power of a signal, voltage, or current. The car amplifier receives the signal from the main engine and amplifies it to drive the car's ultra-low tone and full-frequency speakers.

AVAS Audio vehicle Alarm System

Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems (AVAS) improve road safety by using human driving noise to warn pedestrians and other approaching vehicles.