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TONWEL home audio coverssoundbars, party speakers, trolley speakers,lifestyle speakers.


Soundbar, is a bar speaker with surround sound effect, usually placed above or below the screen. Based on acoustic considerations, this kind of speaker is mostly a bar design. The ATMOS series soundbar independently developed by TONWEL supports Dolby ATMOS panoramic sound and creates an unparalleled surround sound experience for users through the sky channel.

Party Speaker

The party speaker developed by TONWEL ignites the atmosphere for the party! The product series is arranged according to size, including four sizes: 5 ", 6.5", 10 "and 12", with dual-channel UHF wireless microphone and ultra-long battery life. Its outstanding portability and rich input channels are favored by users and widely used in speeches, conferences, square dances, camping, group building and other occasions.

Trolley Speaker

TONWEL is committed to the R&D, production and sales of trolley speakers, and has several unique trolley speaker products. Among them, the RK8PRO has a professional reverberation effect DSP built in, which is especially suitable for individual outdoor singing and guitar playing. It has an ultra-long battery life, and the full battery life can reach 5-6 hours. The panel is equipped with lighting, which is not afraid of night operation. The total power is 50RMS, and the sound field covers a wide range.

Lifestyle Speaker

The lifestyle speakers developed by TONWEL decorate the home environment with a sense of design. The products of the three series are designed for household tabletops, countertops and corners. The combination of stainless steel and cloth mesh makes it very modern. The faint light effects in the speaker set off the atmosphere for family life.