We aim to achieve unparalleled sound quality with passion and precision.

We seek to create a true sound and music experience through cutting-edge technology, which represents all our products.

To be more specific, it is the passion that keeps us pursue the perfect sound all the way along.

PA System
Perfect speaker series is used for sound amplification on large stage, and it is easy to install. In the complex sound environment, it can still achieve the perfect presentation of sound incisively, vividly, and thoroughly.
Vehicle Speaker
High-end acoustic car system makes people feel like wandering in the cheerful music world.

Home Audio System
Home theater series allow people to have an extraordinary 3D sound experience, which simulating to the sound of theater.

R&D Design

The R&D team focuses on material innovation, finite element simulation, product design and development, product verification, as well as the ability to provide the overall design solution of digital audio system.

Automated Production Line

Our company boasts automated production lines outputting one million sets of speakers and five million pieces of speaker units annually while we have established a comprehensive industrial production line of sound system.

Rigorous Experimental Verification

We have top-ranking testing equipment including one of the largest anechoic laboratories in China, four professional authoritative listening rooms, and two large-scale laboratories with global testing capabilities. Every product has gone through multi-level rigorous system testing and has kept 0 recall for over 21 consecutive years.