Professional Audio

Tonwel has 16 years of professional audio and peripheral equipment research and development and manufacturing experience, and equipped with "sound source system", "signal processing system", "signal amplification system", "sound box amplification system" capabilities.

PA System for Largestage

Advanced FIR filtering technology is adopted to maintain the consistency of the phase of each frequency band, providing perfect clear effect and excellent uniformity of sound field. Coupled with DSP intelligent voltage limit processing, it ensures no distortion of large dynamic output. Among them, the L110 series uses the replaceable waveguide horn technology, the L206A series has the waterproof function, and the D6 series uses the high pitch and low pitch coaxial unit design. Each product has its own characteristics and unforeseen surprise are awaited.

PA system in commercial space
We can provide a full-rounded commercial environment audio system, personalized commercial space sound amplification program and support varieties of meetings, enabling a better offline presentative environment.
Acoustic amplification system
The acoustic amplification system of educational space focuses on the academic meta-universe platform and collaborates with universities to create a whole new teaching scenerywhich can truly change the current educationenvironment.
Professional portable series for personal entertainment

Professional audio portability is a technical innovation of Tonwel. Having 20 years efforts in the field of professional audio technology, we have the first-class design, research and development, production, and manufacturing capabilities in the industry. We aim at bringing the high-end sound quality to people from all walks of life.